Our Services


Our function is to oversee renovation projects from start to finish at the Romesburg Corporation, ensuring they meet all your goals. Our team of in-house specialty contractors has worked together for years. This provides a smooth transition between trades to reduce delays.


Construction Management


We identify the project scope, define in detail what is to be accomplished, prepare a clear schedule with set deadlines for each task, and establish a budget. This ensures timely completion. Our experience and coordinated team effort benefits our clients and helps us anticipate any conflicts while maintaining our critical path.


Cost Estimation


We understand that design is more than just aesthetics. It is about creating experiences, while enhancing the property value with each interaction. It is fresh inventive ideas that drive our organization. We always drive for excellence and seek to have an impact on your world. This spirit of creativity is the key to our shared success.


Design Innovation


Rebranding and Property Improvement Plans command a balance of conceptual thinking and our complete understanding of brand requirements. This helps to create custom, site-specific solutions. Our construction means and methods, detailed costs and complete working schedule are incorporated into every project evaluation.


Property Improvement


Our decades of experience working with brand hotels and corporations, combined with our vast site experience, affords us the ability to assist single owner hotels as well as large owner groups. Our turn-key approach gives our clients the confidence that all aspects of their projects are fully considered.


Project Management

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