About Us


Passion Behind Every Project

The Romesburg Corporation seeks to provide the highest quality of workmanship and service in the industry. The hallmark of our success is first and foremost our commitment to the integrity of our subcontractors, teams and entire staff. Our constant pursuit of excellence, a solid work ethic and our firm faith keeps us ahead of the game. Incorporated in 1996 by Dean and Lisa Romesburg, the California-based Romesburg Corporation, now with expanded offices in Texas, quickly gained notoriety in the general contracting industry. Replace with: We specialize in hotel renovation, remodeling and commercial construction. Our teams bring years of hands-on experience to light and high-end renovations while staying current with the latest industry standards and innovations. Although we hire locally licensed MEP's, we like to work with our own trusted, experienced and superbly capable subcontractors who boast the highest craftsmanship level. This allows us direct attention to the construction process and enables us to guarantee superior quality of service to our clients worldwide.


Our Mission Statement

See value in others and you'll
inspire greatness

Like what you do and you'll
do it effortlessly 

Strive for excellence and you'll
impact the world

Global Presence

The Mission is Simple

The Romesburg Corporation is committed to excellence of service in the construction industry around the world. We train and equip indigenous teams and contractors to ensure the same high-quality performance our domestic clients expect from us over the years. Our primary expertise is hotel renovations. For years, we have helped major chains continue their dominance by staying current with new design packages and trends. We work within our clients' budgets while also ensuring on-time completion. Our highly trained teams are attentive to guest satisfaction and strive to minimize disruptions during renovations.

Furthermore, the Romesburg Corporation ensures value and consistency by building mobile crews of local tradesmen who continue to provide our signature services at our clients' properties even after completion. Over the years, we have been fortunate to collaborate on numerous construction projects like bridges, tented camps, schools, churches, and medical buildings worldwide. We look forward to serving our global clientele as we bring our talents and teams to seize endless opportunities around the world.

Roemsburg Corporation